Gravy Coupons

Market research shows that customers will be more inclined to make a purchase if they know they have a coupon or discount they can use to save money. Offering online store coupons has also been proven to increase loyalty and conversion rates for shoppers. Not only are coupons great for incentivizing e-mail list signups, but they also encourage more purchases.

“Almost one in five sales completed online last year, were completed using a discount code. In addition, merchants with an active discount code were eight times more likely to make a sale. “

Daria Kourilina, Shopify Product Manager at Shopify Unite Conference

Gravy Coupons lets you search Chrome, Google or shop on and and get shown relevant active coupons for Shopify Stores. Our “Amazon and Shopify Coupon” Chrome Extension uses the keywords you search for and presents you with coupons and offers based on matching keywords and coupons provided by Shopify store owners. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Gravy Coupons for Shopify

Are You A Shopify Store Owner?

Let us promote your Shopify store coupons to millions of Chrome browser users in Canada and the United States for free.

Just follow the steps below;

  • Visit to load your coupons.
  • Get our free Chrome App and search for products.
  • Search in Chrome, Google, or
  • Click the brown Gravy icon in the top right of your browser.
  • Review coupons and click on coupon offers to visit stores.
  • Coupon discounts are automatically added to shopping carts.


Getting Started

Open our app in your Shopify Store (search “Gravy Coupons” on Shopify App Store) and you will see a list of your valid coupons. You can also install it directly at Just click on a coupon in the Coupon column to edit and add offer copy and keywords. Note that only live (non-expired) coupons will display in our app. The green highlighted coupons are enabled.

PRO TIP! To track coupon related sales activity, set up a new unique coupon (eg. GRAVY10OFF) for your store enabled for Gravy Coupons.

You will see that you can add offer copy that will appear in the Chrome Browser Extension when visitors click on the Gravy icon. Input relevant keywords separated by spaces. Once done, change the pull-down menu to Yes to have your coupon enabled and go live on Chrome desktop browsers.

To download our Chrome browser extension (extensions work on desktops only), they can search the Chrome Webstore or visit this link to install it.

When someone searches in the Chrome address bar (also known as the “omnibox”) on a keyword such as “shed” (try this keyword, it works!), then they will see relevant and valid (live) coupons in the US and Canada Shopify stores.

See the screenshot below to see the Chrome extension in action!

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