Frequently Asked Questions

How many days of orders will my Sales Pops show?
Shopify only provides access to 60 days of orders through their API.

Can I show add to cart activity as well as orders in Sales Pops?
Yes, you can provide either orders or add to carts or both.

How do I get my customers to make referrals?
You can promote referrals with pop-ups or e-mails in the Settings area. We suggest you try both a post-purchase pop-up, and enable a customer referral request email to send out an hour after purchase.

How do I pay my referrals?
You can use Paypal to pay your referrals, or contact them by email to send them a discount coupon, or issue them a store credit (partial refund) on a past purchase.

Why are my referrals not showing up in the Dashboard?
There is a time delay of up to an hour with reporting from Shopify to the Gravy Dashboard. Please try back later.

Will my customers keep seeing the referral pop-up after they close it?
No, once a person has closed the pop-up, it will not show again to them.

Why can’t I enable some of the e-mails in the Settings area?
You may need to upgrade your Subscription to allow you to enable some of the e-mail functionality, such as being able to e-mail all your customers with our Referral E-mail.

How can I customize my e-mails to show reviews and get referrals?
Subject and message areas can be prepopulated in the Settings area with the following dynamically populated fields;

  • {DISCOUNT} – % off set in Gravy “Offer Settings” area
  • {AMOUNT} – cash back amount set in Gravy “Offer Settings” area
  • {COUPONCODE} – Discount coupon code set in Gravy “Offer Settings area (created in Shopify / Discounts area)
  • {STORENAME} – store name from Shopify Settings/General area.
  • {REFERRAL_LINK} – referral link for tracking customer orders
  • {REFERRAL_REVIEWS} – shows a rating up to 5 stars and review