The Gravy Reviews and Referrals Dashboard lets you track the following items in a line graph that is updated approximately every half hour;

Referred Sales – total number of sales generated by a Gravy Referral link
Referred Customers – number of customers referred
Total Discounts – discounts using coupon codes sent to customers using the Gravy Referrals storefront or checkout pop-up or e-mails. This is calculated by multiplying the sales x the coupon code discount.
Total Sales – revenue sales total for your store



Store Name – Set by Shopify in store Settings.
Shop URL – Your shop website.
Review URL – Copy/paste this URL to collect reviews from customers directly.
Action – Refresh your connection, manage or add customers email & name that may have ordered outside your Shopify store or edit store information. Added customers will appear in your Shopify / Customers area.

Upload Logo or Header

Upload a logo or image which will appear in the header section of all customer, referral, abandoned cart and review e-mails.

Offer Settings

Here is where you will set amounts for;

  • Customer cash back $ amount
  • Friend discount percentage
  • Discount coupon code, which you create in Shopify / Settings

Referral Pop-up

Here you will add text and formatting for the pop-up. When a pop-up is displayed on your Online Storefront the visitor must provide an e-mail to view/receive a referral tracking URL. When a pop-up is displayed at checkout at the Order Status Page, their e-mail is already obtained, and so a referral link will be shared.

Note that at the time of the first successful referral sale, an-email will be sent to notify that person. A visitor does not have to be a shop customer to make and earn referral fees. Also, once a visitor clicks the “X” on any pop-up to close it, it will not be shown again to that visitor during that session.

Settings include;

  • Message – HTML capable text that appears in main pop-up area
  • Message font size – set font size point value
  • Message font colour – set Hex code message text colour
  • Pop-up background colour – set Hex code colour of background
  • Opacity – set the transparency of the pop-up
  • Pop-up background image – upload a custom background image
  • Popup Store Display Settings
    • Options: Online Storefront or Order Status Page or Both
  • Check to make popup live – default is unchecked


The following email triggers are available to be enabled (access varies based on your subscription plan). We use the best in class email delivery.

  • Customer E-mail
  • Successful Referral E-mail
  • Abandoned Cart E-mail
  • Review E-mail

In each e-mail template, you have the following options;

  • Check to enable (default is off)
  • Send after X hours (0 is send immediately)
  • Subject line – can be dynamically populated with {} fields further below.
  • Message body – HTML capable
  • Subject and message areas can be prepopulated with the following dynamically populated fields;
    • {DISCOUNT} – % off set in Gravy “Offer Settings” area
    • {AMOUNT} – cash back amount set in Gravy “Offer Settings” area
    • {COUPONCODE} – Discount coupon code set in Gravy “Offer Settings area (created in Shopify / Discounts area)
    • {STORENAME} – store name from Shopify Settings/General area.
    • {REFERRAL_LINK} – referral link for tracking customer orders
    • {REFERRAL_REVIEWS} – shows a rating up to 5 stars and review
    • {REFFERAL_ACCOUNT_URL} – login for managing referrals


This area displays a summary of the reviews collected from customers via e-mails or sharing of the review link (review URL is found in Settings area). Information available is;

  • Customer Name
  • Rating (out of 5 stars)
  • Review text details
  • Review photo if uploaded (optional).
  • Actions (Edit / Delete)


Payments to customers show as paid or owed. Information is as follows;

  • Name of customer owed or paid
  • Status – paid or unpaid
  • Amount – value of payment owed for referral
  • Paypal E-mail – email address
  • Action – where you can mark as Paid or Unpaid


Three plans are available: Free, Starter and Pro;


  •  First Paid Referral
  •  Referral Pop-ups
  •  Product Reviews
  • Customer E-mails
  • Abandoned Cart E-mails

Starter – $5 US per month

  • Up To 10 Referrals
  • Referral Pop-ups
  • Photo Reviews
  • Customer E-mails
  • Abandoned Cart E-mails

Pro – $10 US per month

  • Over 10 Referrals
  • Referral Pop-ups
  • Photo Reviews
  • Customer E-mails
  • Abandoned Cart E-mails

NOTE: Users who uninstall and reinstall will still only get 1 free referral under Free plan, and up to 10 referrals under Starter plan from date of first installation.