Jasper AI Artificial Intelligence Software Review

So now you may never need to hire a copywriter again. This artificial intelligence software is truly amazing. Jasper AI (previously called Jasper.ai) uses artificial intelligence to let you easily create content for blogs, products, social media. This could be something like, “Hey Jasper, write me 1,000 words on how my dog ate my English homework.”. OK, maybe don’t let your kids try this.. 🙂

This artificial intelligence writing software has also been highly rated by users with over 1,000 reviews and has quite a following. It currently works with over 25 languages, and more are being added regularly. I even used Jasper AI to write a blog post on Greenhouses for my e-commerce business here.

It’s like Google Docs without the writers block. With assistive writing tools like this, you will never be at loss for words again!

– Jasper AI

Jasper starts at $29 US per month for up to 20,000 words of AI generated content. Cost increases as you at words, at around $1 per month for every 1,000 words you write. You can go from a Starter plan to Boss mode for getting access longer copy tools such as their Blog Creator, Long Form copy options and even to get more control over writing commands for Jasper to execute. You can also buy a bonus pack of words to final a longer document you were working on without having to increase your monthly plan. You can also add unlimited team members to your account, as long as you stay within the limit.

How To Create a Blog Article with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Starter Plan – $29 US/month

Access to all templates for generating high quality content.

  • 20,000 words generated
  • 49+ AI templates (and growing)
  • 6 languages
  • 10 user seats
  • Support chat

Boss Mode Plan – $59 US/month

Everything in Starter plan + Jasper Commands, expanded input limits, increased content lookback.

  • 50,000 words generated
  • Maximum content look-back
  • Includes up to 10 total users
  • Support chat
  • Long-form writing assistant
  • Document editor
  • Jasper Command

The Boss mode plan also provides support for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for blogs or web content, more extensive revision history as well as checks for plagiarism. It also integrates with Grammarly to help with improving tenses and writing quality in multiple languages.

OK, so where does Jasper get its super smart copy writing logic and data from then? Well, it uses what is called the GPT-3 engine. Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory. Even Elon Musk was one of the founders. OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit OpenAI Inc.. Convinced to try Jasper out yet?

What People Are Saying

” Jasper is my new BFF. ”

“Amazing software, where have you been all my Online Life!”

“I was skeptical about what the quality of the output would be like, but it’s pretty awesome.”

“As a copywriter, this software saves me so much time and gives me ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of by myself.”

Greenhouse Blog Article Example

Here is an example of an actual article I created for my e-commerce website blog to show how Jasper works. This article is over 1,000 words and took me 15 to 20 minutes total after proofreading. I must say I was very impressed at the sentence structure and depth of content after only writing a few words at a time to get it started generating new content. It clearly crawled a number of other websites based on my keywords, and structured the paragraphs very well.

One area of possible improvement with this software could be adding the ability to import stock images into your content. I’m sure AI could help identify some relevant royalty free images and auto-insert them in every other paragraph or so based on your preferences. Just a thought to improve this already super awesome AI software.

Using Jasper AI Templates

The first step is to go to the “Documents” tab and click on “New Document.” If you are writing something long-form like a blog post, a sales page, or an email, select “Long-form assistant.”

If you just want to use Jasper AI’s templates for something shorter like ad copy, select “Blank document.” When you select a “blank document,” you will then get a split screen between a blank page with a list of frameworks or “templates” next to it. The content templates are all custom tools designed for a specific purpose. Here is a list of some of the growing templates available in the library:

blog post title
blog post outline
blog post introduction
blog post ideas / topic ideas
video descriptions
sentence expander
Facebook ad headline
Facebook ad primary text
video titles
video topic ideas
blog intro paragraph
Content improver (can be used to rewrite an entire article)
blog post topic
meta descriptions
video script hook
YouTube video description
Email Subject Lines
Product Descriptions
Google Ads Headline and Description

Screenshot Gallery Example

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