Create Marketing & Advertising Copy Fast with AI

Writing fresh creative copy for a blog or advertising is really hard work. Hiring a copywriter who doesn’t know your product or service is also hit and miss and can be expensive. Enter the world of artificial intelligence. It’s awesome and it works.

This cutting edge software uses artificial intelligence to help you write copy for your next video or blog post. Simply type in the subject matter, and it will give you great ideas on what to write about, and even complete sentences to use. This content is great for use with Google search engine results also.

So how does it work?

STEP #1: Crawls your website

So you start by simply giving your project a title and linking to your product’s website. This is where the magic begins, as it crawls your website headlines and content and starts to let its artificial brains go to work.

STEP #2: Give it more background

This is where you have to do a little more work. You have to give the AI some more background on your product or service. Its a good idea to describe some features and benefits of your product or service offering in order to get its artificial intelligence enough keywords to generate sentences from. Think sort of like AI is a zombie and keyword phrases are like braaains!

Step #3: Choose a tone

If you are all like “I don’t like your tone young man!” then guide the AI with what kind of writing personality it should use. Friendly, professional, bold, adventurous or witty? You are the boss. Try it now.

Step #4: Curate your AI results

OK, so the AI crawlers have been let loose and now you have to sift through the results. Be sure to proof read this artificial genius’s work, since after all, they ain’t human. You can copy, delete, save or get more like what the artificial intelligence gave you. Keep generating new paragraphs until you are happy, or your eyes start to bleed. It’s endless copy for you, so it’s hard not to eventually find what you are looking for. Convinced to give it a try yet? You should, click here.

BONUS: Stock Photos Included

Plus this AI software as a service comes with over 600 stock photos that can be used royalty free for any commercial or video project. Some of the features include:

  • Automatic article creation
  • 600+ stock photo royalty free photos
  • Organizes your recent posts
  • Let’s you change writing structure from essay format to blog post

This copywriting software that uses Artificial Intelligence or AI to save you time and effort, while giving your content an edge over the competition. It works for everything from blog posts to YouTube descriptions, vlog copy, Facebook or Twitter posts and tweets, and even Google searches. You can change the tone of your writing to “Explain like I am 5” to a “Cliffhanger” or even “Hero and Villain” tone.

Is your content lacking? Does it sound like everyone else? It seems no matter how hard you try, your posts just don’t stand out.  The words just don’t cut it. Now you can easily create unique, memorable content that truly captures the attention of your audience.  Feed the AI Content Creator with any website and it will automatically analyze and create new content out of it using Artificial Intelligence.

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