Easy Video Editor Software for PC and Mac

Wondershare Filmora X video editor is the most intuitive and easy to use video editing software on the market. 77 million users can’t be wrong! Get 40% off with Black Friday Weekend Sale on Now!

With over 16 years of user input now as of 2021, Filmora has helped creators easily edit, create and monetize videos. They make it easy to create stunning video edits, tutorials and vlogs on both Windows and Mac personal computers. Edit videos fast and easily using a drag and drop interface with 800+ effects and text templates and in 50+ Formats! Filmora X supports high quality 4K editing support.

Video Effects

Professional video effects are made easy. Discover creative transitions, filters, titles, and motion elements that are exclusive to Filmora video maker software. Colour match between different videos to create a consistent look and feel.

Jump into creative editing with Wondershare Filmora

Drag and Drop V

YouTube Shorts

To make a 1 minute or less short video in 1080 x 1920 for YouTube Shorts, you can use Filmora. It must be in vertical or portrait format (like your phone takes) or it won’t be accepted. When you upload to YouTube, be sure to include #shorts hastag in your title or description to ensure it shows in the Shorts Video area of YouTube.

Green Screen

This is a really cool effect. Say you want to add “wings” to your friend who jumps over a set of stairs, no problem! You can “green” out the backgrounds of your video and create special effects on the subjects in the foreground. Filmora has a simple to use drag and drop interface that makes it easy to sync up video and audio all in one place.

Greenscreen, Special Effects & Transitions

Split Screen

Multiply your fun with multiple screens for a unique way to tell your story. Do a side by side view, or go all gameshow crazy and do a grid of 4 or 9 videos even.

Audio Ducking Effect

Drag and drop both music and voice-over audio files to the timeline and easily fade one or the other in and out. Adjust sound levels on the fly to have a cool music background song while clearly hearing the voice narration over top.  For example, if you have a music track across your project, and only some of your video clips include speech, you can apply audio ducking to these clips and music will lower so the voice is audible. 

Motion Tracking

Filmora X video editing software has motion tracking that is super easy. The new feature makes it incredibly simple to highlight and start automatically tracking movement in your clips to apply things like titles, animations, blurs and other effects that move in sequence with the subjects in your clips that you’re tracking. Take a look at the new motion tracking features in action in the video above.

Wondershare Filmora X is available for both Mac and Windows and the former version of the software now includes Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro users and also features custom shortcuts.

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