Get Referrals from Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Being able to properly leverage the power of influencers for your brand or products can make a huge difference to your revenue. However, going after the big names with thousands of followers may not be nearly as effective as targeting the smaller influencers out there. In fact, if you have a defined niche, often the best place to start is with big fish in a small pond.

What Makes A Good Influencer?

When evaluating an influencer, marketers often start with the number of followers or comments that they have, but that can be misleading. What you want is a loyal and engaged group of followers who trust a person who engages with them. Micro-influencers for example are far more likely to actually interact, comment and respond to followers in a meaningful way about their area of interest. Generally, you are looking at influencers with less than 100,000 followers, but ideally over 10,000.

How Do I Start A Relationship with a Micro-influencer?

There are a number of steps you should take before you start offering influencers free products, or commissions on sales. Here are 10 ways we suggest you progress through building a relationship with brand influencers;

  • Research – Find the hashtag topics that are most relevant to your niche.
  • Think – Start in terms of building a relationship with a few micro-influencers in different niches of interest which you want to test.
  • Follow – Begin following each of them and see how they interact with their audience, and if they already have brands which they are aligned to.
  • Engage – Talk with your own followers and ask them who else they follow that may help with your brand, and if they could refer you
  • Ask – Start with asking a question relating their expertise and see how they respond and how fast.
  • Offer – Once you have made a connection, see if they would be interested in getting your product for free or offering unique coupons to their followers.
  • Create – Make a unique hashtag for your brand marketing, which you can ask influencers to share, and get them to @tag you in their next post
  • Test – Experiment with creating new unique marketing hashtags of your own.
  • Leverage – Find a special holiday or week (or make one up, like #mohitoweek) to add more urgency to promote your product
  • Use Gravy Referrals – Set up a Gravy account to generate unique referral links for your influencer to use in promotions, or temporarily add to their biography.

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