Get on the Gravy Train

Welcome to Gravy where we help you find products or services to help make your online life easier! Whether you are looking for a logo for your business, a VPN service to securely surf the web or an app for your e-commerce business, we can help. See below for our Shopify App that will help boost e-commerce sales by providing reviews, referrals and e-mail marketing support.

Gravy Sales & Marketing is a FREE Shopify App that includes;

  • Sales purchase pop-ups
  • Customer photo reviews
  • Referral marketing program
  • E-mail marketing follow-up


Visit the “Dashboard” menu to see reviews, referrals and sales activity.

Sales Pops

Visit the “Sales Pops” menu to add social proof to your shop.

In the Orders and Abandoned areas, you can format the customer and product information and see a sales pop-up preview. You can add or remove the Message Tags shown further above. You can also click “Source” to edit in HTML or use the menu options for setting text colours.

Be sure to choose if you want both Orders and Abandoned Orders to be shown, and if you want them to show on the Online Storefront only or the Order Status page. Then check the box at the bottom to make the sales pop go live, and then click the “Save Changes” button.

PRO TIP: Add the Embed Script to your Shopify site tempate or liquid files.


In the “Reviews” menu, review and enable the e-mail template timing, subject line and copy and then click Save. Preview it or send yourself a test.

Set how you want the reviews to display on the front end of your store, and be sure to check the box to Enable. You may also choose to insert the Embed Code into your Shopify liquid or template files.

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See a summary of your reviews, and respond or edit or delete them.

This review form will show on the front-end as per below.


In Offer Settings, set your cash back, % discount and coupon details.

Set your referral pop-up text font, colour and pop-up duration as well as an optional image background and opacity.

Set your Successful Referral E-mail details and preview or test it.


Set your Customer and Abandoned cart e-mail details.


Go to the “Payments” menu to view the amounts you owe your customers for referrals. You can choose to give them a store coupon code, or credit (partial refund) via “Shopify / Orders” or send them payment (e.g. Paypal) to their email and then mark them as “Paid”.

Video Walkthrough