Get on the Gravy Train

Gravy is a simple Shopify App that gives cash or credit for referred sales.
We offer marketing tools to promote your store such as;

  • After-checkout refer-a-friend offers & discounts
  • Product reviews shared via Facebook & Instagram
  • Referral and abandoned cart e-mails
  • Pop-up to encourage new visitors and customers to refer friends
  • Referral payment tracking for issuing cash/credits or coupons

OK, so let’s get you going on how to generate referrals from your store.


Visit the “Settings” menu area to upload a header image or logo. You may wish to copy the “Review URL” to obtain reviews for your store from customers.


Now scroll down in the “Settings” menu still to “Offer Settings”. Fill in the values for “Customer cash back $” and “Friend discount %” to set up your offer details. Then create a coupon code in the Shopify / Discounts menu of your store and paste the discount you generate in the “Coupon code” field and click “Save Changes”.


In the “Settings” menu, review the pop-up and e-mail templates (Customer, Referral and Abandoned Cart e-mails), edit the copy and decide which e-mails you would like to “Check to enable”.

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Adding A Popup to Your Homepage

Our pop-up code will work dynamically for both new visitors and existing customers. For new visitors, the referral link will prompt them for an e-mail before creating a referral account for tracking commissions. In this case, you can add our pop-up to your home-page as follows;

  1. Visit Settings menu and scroll down to the Referral Pop-up area.
  2. Edit the copy as you wish, and note that the {DISCOUNT} and {AMOUNT} fields will populate automatically based on your Offer Settings which were further above.

Once you have previewed your pop-up, be sure to check the box to enable. To add a pop-up, check your desired option for  Online Storefront,  Order Status Page or Both. The pop-up will dynamically generate a unique referral link for sharing based on your customer’s e-mail.

Use The Dashboard To Track Referrals!

  • Track referrals, discounts and sales by adjusting the date range.
  • Visit “Reviews” read, edit or delete customer feedback on your store.
  • Go to the “Payments” menu to view the amounts you owe your customers for referrals. You can choose to give them a store coupon code, or credit (partial refund) via “Shopify / Orders” or send them payment (e.g. Paypal) to their email and then mark them as “Paid”.